Wednesday, 19 October 2016


is the theme for our current Facebook ATC swop group.  One of my favourite themes.  I don't know why as Halloween wasn't something that we took part in as children and my own children didn't either - but I love making Halloween ATCs.  At the last count I had 24 to choose from.  Yes I did say 24.
Here are the ones I sent off to the swop.  Beautifully displayed as always by group leader Sue:

I couldn't resist yet another Minion.  I had fun with the skeleton.  It was a freebie image which came in parts. Quite hard to cut out such small pieces and then arrange on a 2.5" x 3.5" card.
I loved the idea of the Pumpkin Maze and I hope the recipient tries to complete it.  The 'Boo' was another image from the net but the cats and the words are table confetti that I was kindly sent by a member of another ATC group to which I belong.
Here are just a couple more.  I will keep them perhaps for next year. There is bound to be another Halloween swop.

Minions - of course!
These are biscuits.
Happy Halloween when it comes and I hope not too many things go bump in the night!!



  1. IT must be are age group I was not into Halloween as a child and I don't remember there was much about for Halloween, We certainly did not have trick or treat that has come from America. I hate trick or treat and dare I say I hide away and pretend there's no one in the house, perhaps because we did not have as a child, even if we did knowing my parents they would never have let me out to go treat and treating,
    Great ATCs I live your designs and the way they have been put on a board.
    Well done love your minions as well

  2. I too love Halloween Carol and the most we got to do as a child was trying to get an apple from a bowl of water using only your teeth! I'm hoping to be able to make some Halloween ATCs this weekend.

  3. Great Halloween ATC's Carol, I know just what you mean about Halloween. My kids didn't take part either, but I love making Halloween theme cards.

    Sue xx

  4. These are fabulous Carol, lots of super Halloween images.

  5. These look like they were a lot of fun to make :D