Wednesday, 14 March 2012

2nd part of new parchment project

Here is the second and last part of the pattern.  It might be a little while before I can finish it off as there is great excitement here (for me) as my new craft cupboard is arriving tomorrow.  I ordered it at the Bluewater Show and it is finally on it's way.  I now have to make a space for the many many boxes of flatpack I have been told to expect and space for my son to do the building and the wall space it needs. 

Here is the photo of the last pieces


  1. Well you have got me thinking Carol! White strips and coloured strips? Are they going to be woven together maybe?
    I was only thinking about your craft cupboard yesterday and wondering why you hadn't posted about the 'event'!

  2. I'm very intrigued now, coloured strips and white ones. I'm thinking along the lines the Pamala has, are they to be woven together? Good luck with clearing the space for your cupboard.

    Sue x

  3. I think I know.. and ..Oh Carol.. the patience you have!!!!
    Cannot wait to see it finished.. and to see if my inkling is right! Big Hugs xxxxx

  4. Hello Carol, I am also thinking something woven! Hurry up already, I cannot wait! Michelle x

  5. Hi carol
    I thought of a basket but not sure now as Easter is coming is could be something to do with

  6. Hi folks
    I see you are intrigued. I hope that I manage to put it all together properly. We will see. There will be a slight delay as I am still cupboard sorting - taking a craft class on Sunday and having a new boiler fitted on Monday. Never a dull moment.

  7. I can't wait to see the finished project, I have no idea what it is going to be. Lucky you getting a new Craft Cupboard, I hope we will see some photos when it is in place.

  8. I am having a great deal of trouble putting the parchment piece together. Very frustrating so I have emailed the designer - Amanda - in Taiwan - and asked her for some help. So more later.


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