Sunday, 13 July 2014

May I introduce you to 'Cain'

Cain is a rescue dog.  A dog that rescues people - not a dog that has been rescued.  He is a beautiful Border Collie and Judith has designed this pattern using a photograph of Cain so that his owner can sell cards with his image in order to raise funds.  All with Judith's permission of course.

I must admit that when Judith gave us the pattern of Cain for the morning session a few of us did say that we didn't know when we would use a card with a dog as the subject or in fact know someone with a dog like Cain but as we worked on him we liked him more and more.  I am very pleased with my effort - shouldn't say so- but I have.

I hope the lady owner raises a lot of money by selling cards of  'Cain'.  Here he is..........

And here is a close up of his head......

When drawing and colouring living things the eye always seems to be the most important part because if done well it can bring the animal to life.  I did the eye first before anything else and it seems to have worked - I hope you think so too.

Judith told us that the idea behind the method of colouring used on this image was to demonstrate that you could suggest the dogs fur or hair without having to show every individual hair done with very sharp pencils and lots of time and patience.  We coloured on the back of the parchment with the appropriate colour and then spread carefully and evenly with a spreading medium.  We then turned over to the front of the parchment and used the same appropriate colour to add shadows etc where needed.  If you look very closely at the white you will see very tiny little flicks with a white pencil to show the hair.  We had to make sure that they were done at the right angle so it didn't look as though the hair was growing upwards or in the wrong direction.

So from not being sure about Cain - I now love him.  He reminds me of a Border Collie called Flash  that we used to have when I was about 12 .

Another successful and enjoyable Workshop with Judith.  Can't wait for the next one in September.
Carol xx


  1. That is one wow card, I love him he is gorgeous and doing a wonderful job for his owner. I hope she raises a lot of money from the sale of her cards.

  2. Wow, wow, wow, he's stunning Carol and I love him. I hope the owner raises loads of money for a very worthwhile charity.

    Sue xx

  3. You've done a wonderful job of bringing Cain to life Carol - I'm not a dog person but even I could love him! What a lovely thing for Judith and the owner to do - I hope a lot of money is raised for a good cause.
    I didn't think it was possible but your parchment skills continue to improve Carol - I've thought for sometime that you were exceptionally good at parchment but this work proves we are all still learning something.

  4. Oh Cain is delightful Carol and you have really made a wonderful card with him. I am always amazed at your parchment, fantastic work. Michelle x

  5. Beautiful - he looks so real. xx

  6. So pleased you enjoyed the project. In fact everyone at the workshop did a great job - when all the patterns were finished, we looked like Crufts!


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