Friday, 26 February 2016

The Craft Cupboard

As well as all the crafty things I love doing I also love Jigsaws.  I hadn't done one for a while so while I was under the weather recently and seemed to have lost my mojo I went to my cupboard and fished out a puzzle by Colin Thomson - my favourite puzzle artist.  His puzzles are so whacky and colourful and an absolute devil to do and  I can't resist them.
This one is called No 2. Curious Cupboards and this is what it will look like when
I have finished.  I have about 100 pieces left out of the 1000 to do:

I am so nearly there that I am neglecting other things that I should be doing.  The puzzle is a Ravensburger by the way.
This was another of Colin Thompsons that I posted a while ago

I said they were whacky - but such fun ...... and it is all finished now.


  1. Whacky yes but interesting and I they look hard which is what a jigsaw should be, I have not done a jigsaw for years, someone got rid of a lot of mine saying we don't have room to keep them. One day perhaps I will get back to them I have got into colouring book for adults at the moment.

  2. I too love jigsaws Carol. I have one of those boards that you can fold like a book so the part completed puzzle can be stored away (so you can use the dining table for meals LOL!). They are good to do if physically you don't feel well enough to do other things. I love the cupboard one - there's even a cross stitch sampler in the middle!

  3. Thank you Margaret and Pamela. I have now finished the Cupboard. I will leave it on the foldaway board for a while and look at it on the way past. I have taken out the next one to do - by Colin Thomson of course - but not sure when it will get started. xx


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