Friday, 20 May 2011

Birdbath - pattern by Judith Maslen (Freebie)

I love the subject and simplicity of this card.  Well it should have been simple.  A little white ink work, whitework embossing and no colour work.  A lovely border done on a grid and Bob's your Uncle.
The border is done on a FINE PCA grid. It is a beautiful design and should have been easy but I wasn't really up to par yesterday and shouldn't really have tackled it.  But I did and the first attempt was rubbish - and so was the second  and then the third.  By this time determination had set in and I finally gave up last night at the 8th attempt.  A good nights sleep and feeling much better the 9th attempt was a triumph.  I was a bit heavy handed with some of the whitework on the column and the parchment is a little crinkled but I have finished it.
I like the end result though and somehow it looks a little like Wedgwood.


  1. Another stunner Carol. Your determination has obviously paid off as the end result is wonderful. I think I might have given up.

  2. Thank you Sue. Sometimes you just can't give up. My Zodiac sign is Taurus. That probably explains it.

  3. Oh WOW! Yet another stunner Carol! How you could carry on and on when you weren't feeling 100% I don't know. So full marks for a beautiful card made under very difficult conditions. The Pie Man is out at the mo but he will love this image. He's very into watching the birds in our garden. Hope you feel better today.

  4. Oh Carol... You sound just like me in your post... I WILL GET THIS RIGHT!!!! How many attempts?!?!? (The kimono springs to mind!!!):-)
    Well done on persevering.. very very worth it... I love the design and I love the gridwork....
    Hope the next work of art is not so stubborn!!!

  5. Carol, you are an inspiration! I am also someone who 'will not be beaten', but it can be demoralising to keep getting something wrong. You show that determination does pay and the end result is beautiful.

  6. Well worth all the attempts although I think I would have left it until another day. LOL
    Fabulous white work and a beautiful border.
    Christine xxx


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