Sunday, 15 May 2011

CD Sunday - Die Cutting / Yeehaw

This week at CD Sunday  we have a choice for you.  Being a very democratic team we vote on our themes and this was a split vote.  Since I do not possess a die cutting/embossing machine (difficult to believe but true) my choice was made for me.  Yeehaw it was.  Not too difficult though as I am the possessor of Joanna Sheen's - American Frontier CD -  which is all 'Yeehaw' - well mostly.
So here is my card:

A bit of fun which I hope you will like.  Apart from the brads, hat charm and peel-offs  it is all from American Frontier CD.
I have my own little private wager about the split I will see between the two themes.
I enjoyed looking at all your Oriental cards last week and I look forward to visiting your Blogs again this week so until then - YEEHAW.


  1. Another lovely card Carol - and would you believe me if I told you mine was all done and posted on the blog?
    I read the theme of Die Cutting to mean you could use a ready made die cut topper/embellishment or something you'd die cut yourself.

  2. Hi Pamela
    I have already been to yours and seen your early entry - couldn't you sleep?
    I don't think we actually defined what we meant by Die cutting but as long as whatever you use is die cut whether by yourself or someone else and a CD is used can't see a problem. I'll get shot by our team leader if I am wrong but you won't.

  3. Great card, love the hat charm too.
    Jen x

  4. Great card, I love the cd
    Beryl x