Monday, 10 September 2012

Peacock - pattern by Judith Maslen

I bought this pattern when I went down to the workshop on Saturday and made it this morning. This is a simple one that could easily be created by a beginner.  I  chose what I thought was a turquoise colour for the feathers around the body but after I had used the pen I realised it was too green.  Needless to say it was a felt tip I used.  I should have stuck to my principles but I thought that it would be OK as it was just a tiny bit to be coloured.  If I had used my pencils I could have rubbed it out.  So I then had trouble finding gems to match and ended up using little nailheads which are almost right.
The original pattern is in a series that Judith has designed all suggested by Pub signs.  I changed it slightly by leaving off the gold crown and the gold pen work.

A days shopping tomorrow with girlfriends and then back to making Angels.


  1. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I think the colour is lovely. Michelle x

  2. Carol this is beautiful and you can tell that you enjoy doing this kind of thing.

    Jenny x

  3. Wow that is gorgeous but not sure about it being a beginners pattern, I like the green it adds something.