Friday, 18 January 2013

No Parchment Stand at Sandown today

It has been  decided that it would be daft to struggle in  as it is snowing now and the forecast says it will be continuous.  We will then be worrying all day about getting home - especially in the dark.  I was up and ready to make the effort but our 'leader' made a sensible decision.
We will see what tomorrow brings.  I did bring all my things home last night just in case  and for once I made a sensible decision.
Carol  xx


  1. Glad to see that common sense prevailed hun - stay snug and warm and safe at home! Just had a horrid journey into work .... Hugs Sxx

  2. Hi Carol,

    It's white here near Oxford, and worse where we live in Somerset, with two funerals next week we are staying here and will go home after the funerals, on Wednesday and Thursday, so hopefully we can get home next weekend.
    I am pleased you are staying put and staying safe, take care.

  3. Such a shame for you but really the most sensible decision. We now have 4 inches with more forecast. Even the Pieman has phoned work to say he can't get in.

  4. Hi Carol
    I'm sorry you can't go to your show, it's disappointing when you have put all the hard work in, hopefully it will be better tomorrow. We have lots of snow in Andover as well, my husband is working from home and my eldest has not gone to college either so I am all behind today.
    My little gift arrived yesterday, it was a lovely surprise and I will look forward to using them, thank you so much. I hope your retail therapy cheered you up a little.
    Take care and keep warm.

  5. Very sensible decision...better off in the warm, nice and cosy :)

  6. I have about 5.5" in my garden now. We have decided that we are not going anywhere tomorrow. Too risky and just plain silly. In fact I haven't even got a car as my son has taken it as it is front wheel drive and much lighter than his car. Good job I have supplies.

  7. Hope you are managing to keep warm. Shame you are missing out on the show but much more sensible to stay safe. Hope your arm is much better now.


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