Sunday, 18 March 2018

CD Sunday - Rabbit, Rabbit - chosen by Pamela

Good Morning.
I hope the Mini Beast from the East has missed you where ever you are and that you are nice and warm and ready to join in with us at CD Sunday.   With Easter being so early this year I don't  think that there is much hope for real Spring like weather for the holiday but most of the team have tried to bring some Spring sunshine to you with their rabbits.
Except for me.... I must have known and I have gone for a Christmas card.

Here is my card:
I have used Joanna Sheen's  - House Mouse - The Gruffies and Happy Hoppers CD with added die cut bows, sentiment and pine needles.
I loved the image and needed to start on my Christmas cards so voila.

I hope you all have a fun and chocolatey weekend.

Now I am going to be naughty here - because I can - and drop a reminder that next month will be CD Sunday's 8th Birthday  (can't believe that I have been on the team for all those years and made over 350 cards). We will be having a special challenge and there will be two super prizes.  We will be doing a first and second for this event. So please don't forget to check the challenges.

Now if you are making some Easter cards with bunnies on them and have used a CD then please enter Pamela's challenge - on our blog or on Facebook.

Just as I finished writing this (Saturday) to schedule for tomorrow it has started snowing.  It looks as though the Mini Beast from the East is with me already.
Don't forget to have a chat as you go by.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

More jewelled ATCs

I enjoyed making the jewelled ATCs for Wynn's recent challenge 'J' is for so whilst I cannot parch and must keep busy I thought I would make some more for my 'stash'.
They haven't all turned out as good as I would wish but here they are - warts and all.:

What a lot of gems!  Good job I buy them in bulk.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Amazing Hats - Judith Maslen workshop project

I went to Judith Maslen's workshop yesterday - 1st of the year - and we did two patterns as usual. This is the first parchment I have done for weeks because of my hand and I admit I struggled especially holding the tools. So here is the centre piece of the first project. I cut off the badly done border. Pattern No: jm084-2. A beautiful pattern I would like to do again post op.

I don't feel that this is as good as it could be but just so pleased that I could go and join in. I would hate to miss any of the workshops but fear that that will be inevitable when I have the op.
Thank you again Judith for a super day and a pattern without masses of embossing which I really can't do at the moment..

Friday, 9 March 2018


It is time for another ATC swop with this Facebook group. I didn't join in with February's as I was busy with other things but have joined in with March.  The theme is 'H' is for... and here is my presentation which I am sure will be better done by organiser Sue.

For the Honey Bee ones I used a new (to me) die set by Dovecraft and their matching paper pad for the backing papers. Piglet and the hat came from the 'net. I decoupaged the flowers on the hat using a second print and my Pinflair punch. Wouldn't be without that punch - brilliant.
Now just have to wait to the end of the month and see what ATCs I get in return .
Can you tell I love making ATCs?

I was tidying up after the ATC making session yesterday and found this extra I had made - strutting his stuff.  Now known as  Hubert -why I don't know.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

CD Sunday Challenge - 'In the Wild' - chosen by Jane

Good Morning fellow cold mortals.  I really wish I hadn't had this 'British Gas see how much you are spending gadget'  fitted. It is giving me the horrors every time I look at it but somehow can't unplug the thing.
Despite that I hope all are well and not actually snowed in.
Jane has chosen 'In the Wild' for her theme and a great one it is. At the moment  I am doing more digital work from my CD based graphics programmes and the accompanying CD's whilst awaiting my hand op.  (I have actually seen the surgeon now and will be having the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome op sometime. The waiting list is 4/5 months).
Here is my offering and I loved doing it. I shouldn't say it I know but I love the end result..
The fabulously coloured sky and land in the background was found on the 'net. It was there as a tag. I have no idea who to thank for it but I do.  The silhouette frame is a die that I bought from 'The Art of Craft'.
I used MCS - 'Setting the Scene' for the frame and the matting layer. The sentiment and the corners are peel offs.
Yes I love it and I hope you like it too. I think a painting of this image would look good on the wall but I don't think I could manage that.
I would love to hear from you as you are passing by. Don't forget we now have a Facebook page and you can visit us here.
Keep safe and warm.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

CD Sunday - Up, Up and Away - chosen by me

Good Morning. The challenge for the next two weeks has been chosen by moi.  A wonderful opportunity to make a card for the fellas which is what I did.  The husband of a dear friend of mine had his birthday at the beginning of this  month so this was made with him in mind.

This all came from a CD by Joanna Sheen - Victorian Ladies & Gentlemen Disc 1.  I loved the image,. The man reminded me of one of the Marx Brothers.  When I posted this to our Admin site the girls were making comments about how fast he would have to pedal to keep the balloon up etc.  My son looked at the card and said it wouldn't matter how fast he pedaled the balloon wasn't big enough to hold him up anyway. Typical man!.
Anyway the large wheel is decoupaged and attached with a brad and does actually go round.

I enjoyed making this one and in fact might make it again for another gentleman of my acquaintance.

Please don't forget that you can now enter our challenges via Facebook - here and that we will be announcing our Top 3's in a separate posting a week after the challenge has finished - so my Top 3 will be announced on 11th March.

I look forward to visiting your Blogs and if you have enjoyed your visit here I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A special ATC

I belong to a few Facebook groups. I only have an account so that I can join in these particular craft and parchment groups. I don't do Facebook chat as such.
One of the parchment groups I belong to has added a new sister group for 'other crafts'. This is so that those who do other crafts as well as parchment can show off their makes.
One of our members - Jo-Ann - posted a picture of a painting she had done. This is how she described it
"The colours and wonky houses reminds me of the small towns in the Magdelene islands.(furthest eastern point of province of Quebec)"

This is the acrylic painting she had done 

It fascinated me and still does and I asked Jo-Ann if I could use it to make an ATC and she kindly agreed and here is my version. A decoupaged ATC (3 layers)  - printed on matt photo paper with the addition of punched daisies.

I have called in 'Wonky Houses' and Jo-Ann says she likes it.

I hope you like it. I love it and it will stay in my ATC makes to keep.


Friday, 9 February 2018

Back to the Jigsaws etc

Followers of my Blog will know that I love doing Jigsaws when I can't craft properly. The arthritis is still ever present so I retrieved the puzzle I had started before Christmas from under the sofa and got started again.
It is a Colin Thompson one - of course - and here is the picture from the box.
It is called 'The Red Box' and like all Colin's puzzles - difficult.

'Parching' - if there is such  word - is proving very difficult and painful at the moment so as well as doing jigsaws I am doing more stamping, decoupage,  general card making - using my CD's of course - and some digital card making.  I belong to a group of crafters that exchange birthday cards throughout the year and for next month I have to make 4 and in April 6. So I am creating them digitally with either Serif, Docraft or MCS and then printing them out.  Not what I usually do but at least I am still crafting.
Here is one I have made using Serif and Daisy Trail.

I am finding it quite challenging working with Serif.  I think it is a whole different world and I am only just dipping in one toe but enjoying  the challenge.
Good news is that the hospital rang and brought my appt forward so not too long now until hopefully I will receive some treatment so I can get back to 'proper' parchment work.
Hugs and happy crafting.
Carol xx

Sunday, 4 February 2018

CD Sunday - 'Vintage Love' - chosen by Jocelyn

An appropriate theme for a February Challenge.
I don't have someone to whom I can send a Valentine. I might have done to Harrison Ford a few years ago.  For anyone who doesn't know who he is here is a little reminder for you ....and for me!!

Stop dreaming Carol and back to business. 
So I decided to make some ATC's for this  'Vintage Love' theme and I turned to the ATC Assistant CD by Joanna Sheen.  These CD's (a pair) are a veritable treasure trove for ATC makers.
Here are the ATCs:

I used the CD for the photos and the backgrounds and embellished using peel off borders, corners and gems.  They seem to have a Vintage air about them.

Now back to Harrison.....

Have fun and I will see you on your Blogs and on Facebook - here.
Carol xx

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Quick cards

I am almost finished with my marathon craft sort out.  I have found things that I had forgotten I had and some I have never used.  Why is it that we crafters do that?   The advertisers are doing a really good job - we can't resist stuff.   I am going to try and be good in future - watch this space.

Anyway putting that aside I felt the need to do some crafting of some kind but didn't want to get out 'more stuff' so I thought  I would do some digital crafting.

I have the Docraft Digital Designer Programme - which I love.  I particularly like Tulip and Friends.
This all came on CDs by the way so I can use it for cards for CD Sunday if I wish.

Here are two cards I made for a couple of birthdays coming up next month.

Apart from printing out and sticking to the blank card all I have done is find a couple of bows from my rediscovered stash.

I then went to another programme I have installed (again from CDs) -  Funkyhands.
I made another word card - this time a birthday one for a friend. (This friend doesn't have a computer so won't see this)
I plan to add some embellishments nearer the time.

I also made another using MCS but this is for CD Sunday and it turned out to be one of my favourites but I can't show it yet.  Dying to but can't or rather daren't.
Have fun.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

CD Sunday - 'Winter in the Mountains' - chosen by Margaret

Good Morning.
I am writing this a bit earlier than I usually do and we had a smidgen of snow this morning on my car. I see from the news that it is a lot worse further North. I hope everyone is OK and not too badly affected.

It seems appropriate then that Margaret has chosen 'Winter in the Mountains' for our theme for the next two weeks. As I said on the main Blog it could be an opportunity to make your first Christmas card for 2018.  I bet some have started already including me as mine could be used as a Christmas card.

Here is my 'Winter in the Mountains'

All of the card comes from  'Winter Snow Globes' - Daisy Trail using Serif Craft Artist 2  The embellishments added are the half pearls on the bottom edge of the globe, the single crystal at the top of the base and the glitter peel off edging around the image.
Perhaps I have taken a very tiny liberty with the theme but the snowy village does look like a mountain village to me.
Thank you for looking and I hope to see you on your blogs. Please join in with us and have fun.

p.s .Because our Blog is called CD Sunday it  means that a CD must be used and stipulated somewhere in the making of your project or card. My card this time helps clarify a point we have made about using digital or computer generated  images.
The Serif Craft Artist Graphics programme was bought as a CD and loaded onto my computer. Many many of the Daisy Trail additions were purchased as CD's.  This is very different to purchasing an image or card as a single download or indeed purchasing and downloading the contents of a CD when it is available as an actual CD (that you pop into the coffee drawer).

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Just a few more ATCs

Thought I would post a few of my recent and older  ATC makes. They are some I have made for a  swop group to which I belong.

A couple of parchment Clowns. The image was from the internet. I printed out onto parchment and then did some embossing.

The next one is 'E' is for....I chose E.T.    I actually have a talking E.T. and I took a photo and added some googly eyes.

This one was for 'The Wild West

And lastly this one was for the theme 'Fruity.'
I love making these little treasures. Great to do when you  feel like just exploring and fiddling.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

CD Sunday - 'J' is for ..... chosen by Wynn

Good Morning everyone.  I hope you had a good Christmas and that 2018 is starting off well for you.
I managed to see all my immediate family over the week so I had a good time.

Now for this challenge Wynn has chosen a letter challenge. I always like those because as long as you have chosen the one stated - obviously -  then you can do almost anything (but don't forget the CD).
I chose 'J' for Jewellry and decided to add to my ATC stash.

Here they are - two pendants and three brooches:

I had a lot of fun making these. The images are all from the internet and the backings are from these CD's   - Magical Christmas Moments and Carol Ann's Studio.
I went mad with the bling. Some are gems and some are peel off gems . For the Peacocks tail and the round pendant I used the peel off gems as they were the perfect shape and the two Owls, the Frog and the body of the Peacock are all decorated with  gems.
I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.
No please don't forget that you can enter via our Facebook page (here) .
Please come and join us if you can and then we can come and visit you. Don't forget there is always a prize for the winner of the Top 3 chosen by the challenge creator.
See you on your Blog or on Facebook.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - 'Christmas Flowers and or Foliage' - chosen by Meg

Good morning crafters. This is my last CD Sunday card until after Christmas. Our challenge has been chosen by Meg and what a  super one to have to finish off the year.  Here is my offering:

I loved making this card.  I used Funkyhand Papercraft Factory - Twelve crafters crafting - Wintery Magic.  What a mouthful!  Very sadly Funkyhands are no longer active but I am very pleased to have a good few of their fantastic CD's.  With them I have a wonderful source of backgrounds and these so useful  'word' cards.
The Christmas Roses are some that I bought earlier in the year (can't remember from where) and the leaves were punched using one of my favourite punches.  They are in fact punched using green parchment.

I would like to thank you for your support of the  CD Sunday Blog and indeed of my own Blog.  We hope to have your continued support in 2018 and also to welcome new challengers via  Facebook.

May I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and successful crafting New Year.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Brand new patterns from Judith Maslen

On Saturday we had our last visit of the year down to Barton on Sea for our workshop with Judith.
Two fabulous new  patterns.
Already looking foward to March 2018 when we start another round of workshops.

Here are the two new cards.

Gold Locket

Amber the Ostrich
We had a wonderful time learning  how to colour the gold on the parchment for the Gold Locket. We used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on the front and then used a spreading medium to create the subtle nuances of colour.
Amber was fun to do.  Have a close look at her face. Brilliantly drawn by Judith with just a few strokes of the pen  I haven't added a sentiment. Can be done later.
Thank you again Judith for a super day. Pleased I managed to keep up even with the bad hand.
Hugs all round.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas card for my sister

My sister doesn't follow my blog so I am quite safe. I wanted to do something personal for her but am having to do very simple parchment. The white poinsettia had already been made and the leaves punched out.  The writing is from a Groovi plate and the border (by Wendy Walters)  is a favourite which I can cope with as long as I take my time.
Hope she likes it.

Take care.
Carol xx

Sunday, 3 December 2017

CD Sunday - Christmas Present - chosen by Pamela

Good Morning.  I hope it is a little warmer today than it has been . I am beginning to wish that I hadn't had a Smart Meter fitted as you can now see in £ s d exactly what the heating is costing per day.
For our challenge Pamela has chosen another Christmas theme . Hopefully you are all still making Christmas cards so you are sure to have something that qualifies for our theme.
Here is my offering:

This is from an old favourite CD that I have had for some years now - Crafty Computer Paper Co - Card Kits and Pieces CD.  Sadly it seems that this company no longer exists.

Everything for the card has been printed from the CD.  The lovely young lady is delivering her  present to a lucky someone.  One of my favourite embellishments on this CD are the 'dried' orange slices. They are very realistic and so evocative of Christmases gone by.

Please visit CD Sunday and look at the lovely cards by the rest of the team.  Please also don't forget that CD Sunday is now on Facebook so if you can't enter via a blog you can now via email and  Facebook

Keep warm and well.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Parchment and Peel offs

Whilst my hand is still troublesome I can't do what I call really serious parchment work - i.e. lots of embosssing . But I can do parchment work assisted by grids and PCA templates and Groovi plates and in this case peel offs and a PCA A4 Bold Grid.
This was done at my last lesson. The other ladies were doing much more complicated projects so I did this one which entailed less stress and strain on my hand although the snipping out took much longer than usual to do..

The peel off was provided by my Tutor.  I copied what she had done with it but I did a different border - one by Wendy Walters. I haven't decided the sentiment yet.
What I thought to be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which can be sorted out)  looks more likely to be Arthritis (probably long term). I won't know for some time as believe it or not my appt to see the Consultant is not until 2nd March.
I'll see you again on Sunday with our next CD Sunday Challenge.
Take care.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

More for the Christmas Box

Some stitched ones:

Now  a second stamped on parchment card using a Nellie Snellen clear stamp.

I added three of my parchment Poinsettias instead of the Christmas Roses that I used in the other card and the background comes from a CD.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bauble Tree

I have been playing with a new PCA plate. I love the style - very new and modern and would be good with different colour combinations.  It is a lovely easy plate to use and the border is particularly good.

I have some more new PCA plates on order from Australia and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with them. This kind of parchment work  is OK for me as it is not as hard to do as traditional parchment ( poorly hand still) but you can still acheive some good parchment with style.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

CD Sunday - Christmas Things with Wings - chosen by Jane

Hi to everyone.
A new challenge starts today and this appropriately Christmassy one has been chosen by teamie Jane.
But before I show you what I have done for this challenge thank you to those who joined in my 'Take a stamp' challenge.  I will choose my Top 3 later and will have a gift for the winner.
So here is my card for Christmas Things with Wings:

I used Magical Christmas Moments CD- Created for Cupcake Crafting by Sharon Duncan

The main image and the mats and  background all come from the CD but the sentiment with the perching singing birds is a  die cut - as are the bird perching on 'Holly Lane' and the leaves at top left.
I enjoyed making this one especially trying to get the colours right'.
The image is No: 23 and the backing papers come from the Colourblend Glitter section. There are some beautiful images on this CD and worthy of being used many times.

I hope you will join in with Jane's challenge and I will see you on your Blog.


Now that it is up and running I can tell you about a new place that is showing our challenges- Facebook - so we now have three places for entries - the blog, by email and now a new Facebook page!
Our teamies Jane and Pamela have been working hard to acheive all this. This has taken a little while and you will have to excuse any funny looking postings on the Facebook page as there has been some experimenting.

Here again is the link to CD Sunday Blog Challenge and there you will find  the details you need.

Link to CD Sunday on Facebook

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

More Christmas 2017 and Parchment

I am afraid I am having to reduce the amount of 'true' parchment work that I can do whilst my hand is so troublesome but I am adapting and managing  with what tools and gadgets I have.
For this card I stamped onto parchment using Stazon ink and a Nellie Snellen stamp called 'Christmas Time'.   I then centred the image onto an oval grid and embossed and pricked out the border.  The grid was designed by Alison Yeates and purchased from her company Kingfisher Crafts.

I then embossed parts of the stamped image to enhance the snow and even coloured the deer.  The sentiment was embossed using a Groovi Plate.

Having got all this ready I then realised what an awkward shape I had made to fit on a card.  I die cut a larger oval from blue card as a backing and fixed with brads.   I fiddled with this for a long time trying to decide how to present it.  In the end I removed the blue oval background and attached it to a larger piece of blue card cut to fix to a white landscape card - with a small white edge showing.
I then played about with some Christmas die cuts for decoration but nothing looked right.  Then I found these two bows with tails which looked perfect to me.  A couple of Christmas roses are the finishing touch.

I think it has a hint of Wedgwood about it and I hope you like it.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

More Christmas 2017

Firstly here is a new stitched wreath.   I have used white card die cut with one of my favourite dies for the stitching and the first mat.  The stitching pattern is from here.

Secondly here are two parchment cards. They have both been made using borders that I completed some time ago whilst I was still able to do concentrated parchment.  I then found images to use in the centres. This first one is an Angel from a Tattered Lace grid. I have then sewn the parchment to the card using beads..

Here is the last one. The pre-made border as before and another Tattered Lace design from one of the grids. The bow was made using a Groovi plate. This time I used red brads to fix the parchment to the backing card and then put it behind a scalloped window card. Then decorated the frame with peel off glitter.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

CD Sunday - 'Take a stamp' - theme chosen by me.

This will be a short post as I have the dreaded lurgy from h*** and feel very sorry for myself.

I used my choice to make a card for my second Great Nephew who will be One in January. I used a Woodware stamp (my favourites as I have stated many times).
The background paper is from  Papercraft factory - Funky hand CD  - 'Happy Happy Birthday' folder - 'Blow out the candles' design..
I was so pleased to find it matched the Giraffes hat.

I know Arlo will be too young to appreciated his card but hopefully it will give him a colourful image to look at.
Here it is:
I had fun stamping and colouring.
I'll catch up with you all at some time.
Take care.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I haven't done much crafting for a wee while as I have a poorly hand (waiting for xray results) but I have managed to make some ATCs for our November swop - appropriately themed ' Poppies'. For the first time ever I have made them all the same.
Here they are:
I used MCS for everything  -  6th Anniversary Collection - Digistamps delights folder called Fabulously Floral.  No: 14 for the poppies and Topper No: 6 for the frame and Backgrounds for the back sheet.
I printed out the frames and images twice. First on good quality paper and secondly on photographic matt paper. The ones on the photographic paper were used to cut out three of the blooms/petals to be decoupaged and then glossed with a new to me product - Beacon Hobby Coat. This is such good gloss as it doesn't make the printer ink run when you use it. It does say that it gives a semi gloss finish but that is enough for my needs.
I am not able to do any serious parchment work at the moment so I am playing with Groovi and PCA plates and a little stitching when the hand isn't too bad.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

CD Sunday - When Autumn leaves start to fall - chosen by Jocelyn

Just the right time of year for Jocelyn's challenge.  It is all very beautiful until you have to sweep them all up.  Or perhaps get someone else to do it for you!

I enjoyed making this card.  I love the range of colours for Autumn. They might not be as spectacular as they are  'over the pond' but they are beautiful nevertheless.

I made this one as a male birthday card.  I have recently joined in a Facebook Birthday List and there is only one gentleman on the list (brave soul) and I made this one for him.  It was a September birthday so I felt the colouring was just right.
Here is the card:

The fabulous bold backing paper came from a Funkyhands CD - Craft the Year Away.  The diecut tree was one I bought quite a while ago from E-bay. Before I started buying all my own dies E-bay was a good source.
I have a beautiful die of a branch with leaves which I die cut in several colours.   I cut off each leaf individually to create the falling leaves and the pile at the foot of the tree.

The Happy Birthday die I have had for some time. There are a few times when you need such a bold simple sentiment and I felt this was one of them.
I hope you can find some beautiful Autumnal colours to play with and I will see you on your Blogs.

Happy crafting.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Our October 2017 theme for this Facebook group is Trees/Weather. I have chosen to embrace Weather and here is a preview of what I am sending off to our fabulous organiser Sue.

Now some may think that this is a querky take on the theme but Snow is weather and you make Snowmen from snow.  Once I had found these little cartoons I couldn't think of anything else but these.  I kinda like the font I found.   It looks jolly cold to me.  It is called appropriately 'Chiller'.
I hope you like my little makes.   I enjoyed the making but then I always do.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

CD Sunday - 'For the love of Dogs' - chosen by Margaret

I think Margaret has chosen a great theme for her challenge as most of us love our dogs or dogs in general.
I don't have a dog now.  I am on my own and know that I am not physically up to 'walkies' so it would be unkind to the poor dog especially as I prefer the larger breeds and who would be taking who for a walk would be the question.
We always had dogs when I was living at home.  I was sad to leave the two we had when I left.

Enough  sentimentality.  My card today was made especially for a friend who is a mad dog lover and has 3.  Two Springers (my absolute favourites) and a Yorkie - who apparently is the pack leader!!

Here is my card.  It is in fact her birthday today (6th)  and she is away.  I sent it in time for her to take with her.

Isn't the dog just gorgeous?  Our Springers were black and white and beautiful enough  to adorn a chocolate box.  But this one is a beauty too.
The CD used was by La Pashe - The Pet Set CD
Everything came from the CD except for a couple of the mats.
We are looking forward to seeing your dogs - any shape size or colour.  They are all beautiful.

I will be away for part of this challenge so I will catch up with everything when I can.
Hugs and happy crafting
Woof! woof!.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

CD Sunday - Mellow Yellow - chosen by Wynn

Wynn has chosen a colour theme for us this time. Always one of my favourites. That and letter ones.  They both  give such a wide scope as you are not necessarily searching for a particular subject -  which can sometimes be quite obscure.
I chose a CD called 'A Walk in the Countryside' by Cupcake Crafting / Creative Crafting World.  It seems to have both names on the CD.

There are many little gentle  country scenes on the CD but I chose the Sunflower one of course.
Here it is:

Apart from the peel-off Happy Birthday sentiment (coloured with peel-off pen) it all came from the CD.  The ribbon and flowers are all paper. The image is a flat Pyramage.
Each  scene has several images and ways of presenting them together with a selection of backing papers and accessories. Even notelets.   All in all  a very useful CD.

I hope you like the ideas from the team.  I love all the different yellows that they have found.
Please come and join us.  Don't forget all those beautiful mellow yellow Autumn colours that are just beginning to appear around us.  Plenty of scope for a project or card.
I'll see you on your Blogs.