Thursday, 12 July 2018

Christmas - 2018

Here is another card for the Christmas Card Box. I have actually made this card a couple of times but I just change the background a little each time and - of course - make a note of who I send it to.

The image is from a La Pashe CD printed straight to parchment. The bow, leaves and berries have been embossed and then some special Czech white glass lentil beads have been sewn in a few places to make some of the  berries 3D.   I used a PCA plate to add a border. It is hard to see unless you magnify the image.
The sentiment is a die cut and the card itself was bought - and I am desperately trying to remember from whom it was bought. I'll add it later.

p.s. I have found the link. Company is called Craft Creations and in my opinion they are second to none for their stock of background cards of almost every desciption. Here is the link to the page containing  the one I have used in the above card.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

CD Sunday - 'A Gardeners World' - chosen by Pamela

Our lovely teamie Pamela has chosen the theme for the next two weeks - 'A Gardeners World'.  I think the team have chosen some lovely images on the theme so please  visit their Blogs and find out all about them.  The blog links are on the CD Sunday Blog, of course, as well as in my own side bar.

I chose a La Pashe image from the CD - The Best of La Pashe 2012 - Decoupage Plus. The image is called - Bench, Broom and Bonnet.
I loved all the little bits of decoupage. When I started card making decoupage was one of my favourite disciplines and I still enjoy it now.
I have chosen to give this to a family member later in the year. It will be appreciated I know because the person loves gardening and is very good at it.

I hope to visit many blogs and see many beautiful cards or projects. And on Facebook. We are receiving some beautiful entries via Facebook
If you have liked mine then please feel free to add a comment on your way by.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

CD Sunday - 'Things to eat' - chosen by Jane

Eating is on our minds for this challenge.  Quite a good portion of our day is spent either eating or planning to eat and even shopping for things to eat.  There should be no difficulty then in choosing what sort of eating you are going to portray.  There are quite a few CD's available with goodies to eat depicted on them.
I decided to think a bit outside the box - as it were - and as I am desperately trying to add to my Christmas card stash I went to La Pashe and produced this:

For this creation I have used - La Pashe -  Pop up card  of the Gingerbread House from - The Christmas Box.
I made a few Gingerbread House cakes when the children were little.  You can now buy kits so that you just do the fun bit of putting it all together.
I hope you will join in the challenge and we look forward to visiting your Blogs and CD Sunday on Facebook to see what you have entered. CD Sunday is here.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Yet another for the Christmas Box

Same pattern but a different look

The dies I used for the tree decorations are by Marianne. They have a whole series of these itty bitty dies and I think I have at least a dozen by now. I love them - so useful.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Another for the Christmas card box 2018

Yet another selection of colours and what is supposed to be a deep red backing sheet but, disappointingly, it looks more brown than red.   I have added some red gems to go with the red in the tree to brighten it a little.

I have more of these already pricked out and I have sent off for some more coloured threads. I like them all to be different.

I hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend.


Sunday, 10 June 2018

CD Sunday - ' Second Time Around ' - chosen by Carol (me)

Well,  my turn to choose the challenge has come round again. It doesn't seem a moment since my last choice.  This time I have chosen recycling - hence - Second Time Around.. 
I remember once participating in a  'Recycled item'  ATC swop.  The swoppers included my friend and  teamie Pamela -  and I have never know anyone make so many ATCs using recycled bits and pieces as Pamela did then.  I don't know if it was on her mind this time because when you see the fabulous item she made for my challenge you will be as blown away as I was - as it was her birthday card to me for my recent 75th birthday. It now has a pride of place in my Treasures Cabinet at home in my sitting room.

I am afraid my contribution isn't nearly as glamorous but I think quiet and simple maybe a reasonable description.
Here it is:

My recycled component is the laser cut image of the bird and flowers. I think it is meant to be a humming bird. The blue background is my CD part and is from MCS- Winter Twilights. I added some blue/green nailheads and the blue Birthday sentiment.  The aquamarine edging is there purely so that the card can be seen against the white background.
The laser image was part of a beautiful card given to me by one of my lovely neighbours. I am very lucky in that I have two wonderful elderly lady neighbours who are so kind and would do anything for one if they possibly could. The neighbour concerned would be delighted to know that I have reused her card. I fact it is going to my daughter next month for her Birthday. She is not a lover of handmade cards and I cannot quite make myself go out and buy one so this is the next best thing.
Please visit all my fellow teamies Blogs and study what they have made with their recycling. It doesn't have to be a lot but I am sure you can all find a little something. And together with something from a CD - a background perhaps,  you will then  have something to enter into my challenge.  I will be choosing my Top 3 and posting the result on the 1st July.
I hope to see you on your Blogs.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

CD Sunday -' Beautiful Blooms' - chosen By Jocelyn

 Good Morning fellow Ark dwellers. We have had some heavy constant rain here in the South and it isn't doing my own beautiful blooms in the garden any good. My Peonies look very battered.
But as a  team we have some beautiful blooms to show you on the Blog and here is my own :

When I made this card for the challenge the beautiful blooms in my garden were the daffodils and the beginnings of the primroses so I chose this image from Messy Rabbits CD by Joanna Sheen. I love the querky images on this CD and I hadn't used it for a while but I remembered Messy Rabbit and the daffodils.. Apart from die cut bow and the sentiment it all comes from the CD.

There are many CD's out there containing all manner of flowers and beautiful blooms for you to choose from so I look forward to seeing many cards entering Jocelyn's challenge.

I hope the weather improves again,  that you all have a wonderful time crafting and that as you pass me by you leave  a message and I will also visit you on your Blogs.
Carol xx

Monday, 21 May 2018

Christmas 2018

I can hear the groans but yes  - I have started making Christmas cards. I would have made more by now but the planned hand op made me rush do make all my Birthday cards etc.  Now I am rushing to make Christmas cards before all the symptons come back and then I will have to have the op.
So.......I have been stitching.  One of my favourite Christmas stitching patterns and I plan to make quite a few more - all with different colour blends.

Here are the four that I have finished. Two of them were stitched whilst I was half watching 'The Wedding'.

There are so many colour and thread combinations that are possible with this pattern enabling it to  look fresh each time it is done.

Have you started with your Christmas cards?

The link to the pattern is here:

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Latest parchment patterns from Judith Maslen

Last Saturday was our 2nd of the year visit down to Judith's for her workshop. Work being the operative word as we did work hard.  For some time during the morning you could have heard a pin drop in the room - which let's face it is unusual.
Fabulous patterns though and here is the morning one - that took all the concentration:

A very different pattern for the afternoon and although it took hard work and concentration it wasn't quite so intense.
Personally I was thrilled that I could make the workshop. I wasn't expecting to as I was due for surgery on my wrist - which was cancelled.  Re-scheduling is inevitable though and I am going to have to miss a workshop sometime.

Here is the 'afternoon' card:

I haven't added any sentiments as yet. They can be done at a later date using a peel off or die cut.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day thank you Judith and thank you to my two companions for the day especially our chauffeur.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

CD Sunday - Art Deco - chosen by Margaret

Good Morning.  I am writing this on Friday afternoon and it is a bit cooler today.  I am off down to the coast very early tomorrow for our bi monthly workshop with Judith Maslen.  I am so pleased to be going as at one time I thought I would have had my op by now and there would be no 'parching' for me for a while. But as it was put off I am going South with a glad heart.  I do love our days down with Judith.
Back to the plot.  Margaret has chosen Art Deco for us for this challenge.  There are many CD's out there with this as it's theme so I am sure you have one tucked away somewhere.

My card is :

I used MCS Deco Follies CD for the ladies and my graphics programme ACDsee for putting it all together and the sentiment.  The background is a photograph taken in a garden in Bristol. I attended a kind of Garden Party there when I was staying with my sister.
I really enjoyed creating this little scene and I hope you like it too.

Now - today is the day we announce our 8th Birthday Challenge winners......... but you will have to visit the CD Sunday Blog to find out who we have chosen as our two prize winners.  You can find out here   or maybe  here .

Don't forget too that we will be showing you Wynn's Top 3 choice for her challenge of  'Anything Goes'. next weekend.

I hope to see you on your blogs and please don't forget to leave me a message on your way past.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Our theme for May  - unsurprisingly -  is Red, White, Blue/Royalty. I think you can mix altogether or do one or the other.
I have done Red, White and Blue. In fact very Red, White, and Blue  and for the first time I have made 5 exactly the same. I must admit I have always frowned a bit on turning out 5 the same but this time I have broken my own rule. There is a hint of Royalty there as the background is a kind of shabby Union Jack or part of a Union Jack.  I am coming down from all these steroids and felt quite down and unimaginative so I took the easy option.
Here they are. ready for the post. I think Chris is going to drop them in the box on his way past as he goes off for his cards night.

I love the bright colour effect.  Hope you like them too.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Creative Stamping

The latest issue of Creative Stamping arrived yesterday and I was bowled over by the free stamps this time.  They are a set of Wild Animals together with sentiments and embellishments.
Usually I admire the stamps,  read most of the magazine and then file them both for later use but this time I just wanted to play straight away.

So I got  out the stamping 'stuff' and started playing.   I managed one complete card and here it is.

The border took most of the time.  Several of the sample cards in the magazine used a border done with this stamp and it appealed to me.  Bold and very 'African' in design.   I tried stamping the border straight to the card but found it difficult to get a neat straight edge so after several abortive attempts I decided to approach it a different way and just stamped out about a dozen borders (3" long pieces) onto card and then cut them out neatly.  Having done that I then attached them to the card with double sided tape as a border.  Simples - as they say.
I then stamped the Elephant and baby onto card and cut them out and affixed them to the background.  The background was not stamped by me.  It is an image I have had for some time and used before and would like to give it credit if I could.
The sentiments were stamped next and  Voila  a 'Go Wild' birthday card.
I thoroughly enjoyed making it despite the resultant  mess everywhere -  and it is one more for the box.
If you get this magazine I guarantee you are going to want to use these stamps as soon as you see them.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Facebook Birthday List

Here are some more cards that I made for those on the Birthday List.  These birthdays are now a thing of the past so I can show them:

The first two were made using a Kraftyhands CD and the third  in parchment using an image from an Ooh La La 'Shoes in Bloom' CD.
There were two others but these have already been shown as I combined them with  CD Sunday challenges - our '8th Birthday' Challenge and 'No patterned paper' challenge.
No more due now until July.

p.s.  My op was cancelled because the Surgeon didn't want there to be any risk of infection and apparently steroids can affect the healing process and it could be risky.  So I have to wait until I am steroid free and the pain comes back.  I have though been given a 'return ticket' so I don't have to join a long queue again. So it was all a good 'dry run'.  I can now start on my Christmas cards.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

More playing with parchment

Here are a couple more cards made using the results of my play with parchment.  Both birthday cards to be added to my stock.

This is what I used to make the image. A glass heart pendant that I bought from the internet

This is the second card:

I enjoyed making them and have many more in the pipeline.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

CD Sunday - 'Anything Goes' - chosen by Wynn

OK - back down to earth for me with a bump as big birthday is over and on Tuesday I have the op on my hand.  I will make my apologies now about my probable lack of commenting in the few days afterwards.  I hope it is only a few.

Here is my card:

I used Docraft Designer - Tulip and Friends #2 - Hot Diggity Dog. I think this a very sweet image and it was made with a friend in mind hence the name. I made all the card using Docraft except for the name and sentiment. I have a little graphics programme that came with my camera called ACDSee and it is much better at adding text etc than any of the others that I have found.
I will catch up with you when I can and if you feel like sending me some good vibes they will be much appreciated.
Don't forget that you can enter via Facebook here if you haven't a Blog. Our link to CD Sunday is in my sidebar.
I'll be chatting later sometime.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Playing with Parchment

At our parchment session yesterday I took along some images that I had created.  As there weren't really enough of us to have our lesson (only 4 of us) we played with some of  those images that I had taken along.

I had such fun making the patterns and here is what I did with mine to make it into  a very simple card.

There is so  much scope to play about with these by using any border that you like and adding other patterns around or in the picture itself.  In the centre of mine I did use a very fine grid to prick a pattern of holes filling the 6 white segments. The border was made by drawing outside and inside the same hexagonal die and then embossing between the lines  with a white pencil. The scallop edge was made using a Fine Large PCA Scallop Edge Tool and a scallop template. This was then filled in with a Pergamano Star Tool impression.
I hope to have more fun with these as the patterns I can make are endless - and that is no exaggeration.
We then ate lots of cake as I had taken a huge Minion cake along that I had made.  I like it when Birthdays last all week.
Hope you like this new image.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Birthday Weekend

I had a fantastic Birthday weekend.  Great friends around for the day yesterday which we spent crafting and laughing and sometimes we couldn't craft because we were laughing so much.  We then went out to dinner and I must confess I got a bit tiddly.  Don't do that very often but I didn't have a 'head' this morning so I couldn't have been too bad.
I wanted to show you some of the lovely cards I received but thought I would start off with one that only one sister to could send to another!!!

Here are some of the beautiful handmade ones from friends.

I belong to a Birthday group on Facebook (UKSN) and here are the cards I received:


Sunday, 15 April 2018

CD Sunday - 8th Birthday Celebration - with prizes

Yes - the 18th April is the official 8th Birthday for CD Sunday and the 21st is my own birthday too so I have hijacked the Blog - with the team's permission - and chosen the Birthday theme and designed the sketch for everyone to use.
Here is the sketch
and here is my Birthday card based on the sketch.
I used Docraft Digital Designer  - Me to You  CD - Spring Chic - Mother's Day.   This is only the third sketch theme that I have  done and I did enjoy making the card.   Sketch cards are growing on me.   I was quite resistant I remember when we first did one at CD Sunday way back 2012.  Perhaps we ought to do more.  Three in 6 years isn't excessive!
There a couple of super prizes on offer for the 1st and 2nd place winners. If you go to the Blog (here) you will see what we have for you.  The winners will be chosen by the whole team and because of that it will be a couple of weeks before the result is announced.,
I have some small celebration  planned for my own Birthday.   A crafting day and dinner out with some dear friends and I have already received  a present from the  'Government'  - a free TV licence.   What more could a girl want?    Yes you've guessed it - I will be 75.  Whilst I am on these steroids I don't feel old at all but I am waiting for the bump when they stop.
Please have a look at the wonderful  cards by my fellow teamies  for inspiration and then join in.   All you need to do is make a Birthday card following the sketch and use a CD somewhere along the way.
Don't forget that if you haven't a Blog then you can join in on Facebook here.
Looking forward to seeing you in my travels.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Whilst I am waiting for my swops to arrive for our March theme 'H' is for..... ( in the post apparently) I will show the ones I have sent in for the April swop -  'April Showers'.  I have never know a more apposite theme as it hasn't stopped raining here for 3 days.
I found a background on MCS that looked just like a large puddle on a very dark and dismal day which it is at the moment.

They are all parchment this time. My own favourite is the middle one.
This - I believe -  is the 36th month for me as a member of this group. Doesn't time fly. It doesn't seem possible.
Carol xx

p.s. Here are the same ATCs as presented by the organisers of the swop. So much better than I can do.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

'Summer' - from Seasons by Judith Maslen

Here is "Summer" one of the Season series of patterns by Judith. - jm057 - 2.  I did this at one of Judith's workshops and have now just finished making it into a birthday card.

I used a colour toning backing card for the card covered in' Happy Birthday' in several fonts and styles. The long curly bow die is the finishing touch.  Love this die.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

More for the Birthday Stash

Today I managed to make two cards from scratch and finish another that I had started. All down to the effect of the steroids I am on. It has gone midnight and I am still busy.
The first card is the one I had started. It is a Judith Maslen parchment  pattern and is a design we started at one of her workshops - when I can't remember.

It is called 'Staffordshire Dogs'.  These I believe (not old enough to remember myself) used to grace the mantelpieces of many homes in Victorian/Edwardian times. The little detail at the bottom is to represent the lace that used to be hung from the mantel.

The next two are ones that I made using new dies. The first one is an Amy die called Brick in the wall. I had a great deal of fun with this one choosing the 'view' and whether to use brick or stone. I diecut 5 different holes  in the wall to see which worked best.  It is a great die.
The second is using a Pamela West image and a 'trellis' die and then a selection of garden tools. I cut these out in different colours so that I could make them look more realistic and have some left for another day.

I had fun but I really think I must go to bed.  Of course it is absolutely pouring down yet again. I find it difficult to sleep when the rain is lashing against the windows.

Sleep tight.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

CD Sunday - 'No patterned paper' - chosen by Meg

A Happy Easter everyone. I hope the weather is being kind to you where ever you are and the chocolate fairy has visited.
This challenge is a little different in that Meg has decided to say what you can't use but you can use any theme or subject you like.
It is always hard craft wise to be told to exclude something as we always like to use the full range of our supplies. Even harder for us dedicated CD users as that is where we usually get out patterned papers.
But no patterned papers to be used.  For my card I went to a favourite at the moment  Docraft Digital Designer - Tulip and Friends CD.
Here is my card:

I kept it as simple as possible and it was made for a member of the Facebook Birthday list to which I belong.
April already. The year seems to be rushing by.  I now have my op date - 1st May.  I am so glad that I have got all my crafting up to date. How soon after the op I will be able to use my hand I have no idea but plan to watch TV and or do Jigsaws - left handed.
Have fun with the challenge and I will see you on your Blogs.
In the meantime I was looking in You tube to find some Birthday music to go with my picture and I found THIS...
Love to hear from you as you pass by.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Girl with bouquet

I managed to do this little bit of parchment at the session on Wednesday. It is just a picture printed onto parchment and taken out with a circle from a Pergamano Multi Grid.  I stitched it with beads to a circle of backing paper and then used brads to attach to the second layer. Both layers were die cut.

The card is made from a piece of embossed  card that I have had for some time and the sentiment is die cut from card matching the second layer.

Here is the little card:

Even though it was such a little piece of parchment I enjoyed it.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

More Birthdays

These are ones I made for the Facebook Birthday List I belong to. They have had them now so I can show them here.

This was made using the Papercraft Factory  Funkyhand programme - Alphabet Books and so was this one.  Love making these - a bit different.

And this one has me stumped. For the life of me I can't remember where the image comes from. It was made using one of my graphics programmes but which one?  I will have to search.

I made some more  for for the ladies on the list but can't show them yet.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Birthday Card

A dear friend had a Birthday yesterday and here is the card I made for her.
I used Serif Craft Artist 2 and Daisy Trail - Botanical Garden.  It was one of those images that once you have seen you have to use. So here it is:

I did do some 3D with the central image but mostly let the artwork speak for itself.
I did make an ATC as well using a small piece of the second printing.

The friend did tell me she loved them both  so I was very pleased.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

CD Sunday - Rabbit, Rabbit - chosen by Pamela

Good Morning.
I hope the Mini Beast from the East has missed you where ever you are and that you are nice and warm and ready to join in with us at CD Sunday.   With Easter being so early this year I don't  think that there is much hope for real Spring like weather for the holiday but most of the team have tried to bring some Spring sunshine to you with their rabbits.
Except for me.... I must have known and I have gone for a Christmas card.

Here is my card:
I have used Joanna Sheen's  - House Mouse - The Gruffies and Happy Hoppers CD with added die cut bows, sentiment and pine needles.
I loved the image and needed to start on my Christmas cards so voila.

I hope you all have a fun and chocolatey weekend.

Now I am going to be naughty here - because I can - and drop a reminder that next month will be CD Sunday's 8th Birthday  (can't believe that I have been on the team for all those years and made over 350 cards). We will be having a special challenge and there will be two super prizes.  We will be doing a first and second for this event. So please don't forget to check the challenges.

Now if you are making some Easter cards with bunnies on them and have used a CD then please enter Pamela's challenge - on our blog or on Facebook.

Just as I finished writing this (Saturday) to schedule for tomorrow it has started snowing.  It looks as though the Mini Beast from the East is with me already.
Don't forget to have a chat as you go by.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

More jewelled ATCs

I enjoyed making the jewelled ATCs for Wynn's recent challenge 'J' is for so whilst I cannot parch and must keep busy I thought I would make some more for my 'stash'.
They haven't all turned out as good as I would wish but here they are - warts and all.:

What a lot of gems!  Good job I buy them in bulk.